History Company

Viza was founded in 1945 as a family locksmith shop in Vigo (northwest Spain) under the name of “Vega y Gonzalez”. In the 1960’s it became the first local automotive manufacturing supplier upon the arrival of Citroën.

Nowadays, it remains a family owned company which has grown to be present in the Czech Republic (2004), Morocco (2012) and Mexico (2017) following the trails of its clients.

1945 - Founded "Vega y Gonzalez".
1960 - It begins to take part of the automobile sector.
1975 - Exclusive dedication to the automotive industry.
1992 - Start up of product development capabilities.
2000 - Viza moves its facilities of Vigo to Porriño.
2004 - New facilities in Plzen, Czech Republic.
2012 - New facilities in Tangier, Morocco.
2017 - New facilities in Puebla, México.