Applying the knowledge Capabilities

As a full service supplier, Viza offers its clients all the potential and experience which is required to fulfill all the stages of a project life, from concept design to industrialization.

We combine the know-how of our product engineers with the expertise of our process team to achieve customized and efficient solutions.

Development capability supported by our engineering department in collaboration with the Galicia Automotive Technical Center (CTAG) for FEA and testing:

  • Product design.
  • Design verification (FEA / prototypes manufacturing / testing).
  • Product development.
  • Product/process validation.

Own stamping manufacturing facility which includes:

  • Transfer presses: up to 1.600 Tm.
  • Progressive presses: range 200 - 1.000 Tm.
  • Manual presses: range 100 - 600 Tm.
  • Tubes bending and forming equipment.

In addition to our current stamping capabilities and within the cold forming techniques, we have incorporated the roll forming as a very high performance technology adapted to our needs primary components for our final products. This new knowhow give the capability to improve profiling processes (‘U’ and ‘Ω’ shapes) with an adequate balance between investments and manufacturing costs.

Our core assembly manufacturing process is based on MAG, CMT, Resistance and Laser welding. Additionally, we integrate other technologies such as:

  • Riveting.
  • End-forming / cupping.
  • Crimping.

Coating of our products is based on the application of two different technologies that meet the client needs to achieve corrosion and aspect product requirements:

  • Cataphoresis painting (KTL).
  • Powder painting.

Manufacturing operations which can not be carried out before the painting process are integrated at the end of the production chain:

  • Assembly of plastic components.
  • Screwing with automatic torque control.
  • Functional verifications.
  • Final product traceability and identification.